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The skin, your pet's largest organ, acts as a barrier against harmful invasions from the environment. As an organ of elimination, symptoms of disease often show up in the skin and the body rids itself of toxins. Skin problems are probably the most common ailments seen in dogs. Usually they are not a disease in themselves, but a symptom of another underlying problem.

Fleas, demodicosis (red mange), dermatitis, sarcoptic mange, itchy, dry skin, hot spots and other skin problems can make life miserable for you and your pet. The most common reason for skin problems in both dogs and cats is an allergy. Foods, pollens, dust or medications may cause signs of allergy. Problems can also show up due to dietary deficiency or poor diet in general. The resulting scratching, itching, biting and licking contributes to the vicious cycle that a dog or cat with skin problems endures.

Causes of skin and coat problems in Dogs & Cats

Toxins are routinely eliminated through the skin, and skin and coat problems can often indicate a number of underlying concerns including toxin overload, anxiety, thyroid problems and a compromised immune system.

Other causes of skin and coat problems include:

  • bacterial and fungal infections;
  • fleas (some pets develop a hypersensitivity to fleabites)
  • dermatitis from flea bites
  • dietary allergies - changing to a premium or home-made dog food can usually make a big difference in a short time. Often simply adding raw meat to the diet is enough to see an improvement.
  • allergies to certain irritants (e.g. commercial pet shampoos)
  • thyroid imbalances may cause full, flaky or a greasy cost and sometimes hair loss.
  • skin and ear infections are common in Cushing's Disease
  • mange is a condition caused by mites and causes lesions and hair loss

Holistic Remedies of skin and coat problems

Skin &  Coat

Essential fatty acids can improve your pet's skin and coat and also how an immune support product like Immugen can help fight the underlying problems that can lead to skin problems.

Natural shampoos with oatmeal as one of the ingredients

Milk Thistle and Dandelion Root supports the body and helps the animal detoxify

Recommended Products

The recommended products support skin tissue health, reduce and prevent scar tissue, promote collagen synthesis and improve skin texture, promote skin circulation, and provide antioxidant protection.