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Keeping Your Pet Healthy

Keeping your pet healthy starts with a balanced diet, not over-feeding your pet, and plenty of appropriate exercise. Although your pet ages 5 to 7 times as fast as you do there's no reason that he or she cannot live a full and comfortable life.

Let's Start with Diet

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Your Healthy Pet Checklist

Here's a pet health checklist for you to reference when you are concerned about your pet. If you'd like to send an email query to our holistic vet, Dr. Bea Ehrsam, you can mention any items that apply in the symptoms section of the query form.

Wellness for Your Pet - Articles

The Holistic Vet

Dr. Bea Ehrsam

Beatrice Ehrsam, DVM, CVA (aka Dr. Bea), is our Holistic Veterinarian. She will advise on products and proper dosages. She will also answer questions by email (no charge) and provide one-half hour phone consultations at $75 upon request. Copies of last exam records may also be requested for phone consultations.